Our mission is to offer a unique integration experience to immigrants in order to transmit to them a real and deep sense of belonging


Are you an employer recruiting internationally?
Do you lack the resources and strategies to integrate your foreign workers?
Would you like to train your local employees?
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Do you want to immigrate to Canada?
Are you looking for a job?
Do you feel alone in your administrative procedures?
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Our team is committed to helping you personally. Don’t wait any longer to contact us!
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Happy at work

The erablee system

Wouldn’t be amazing to be in one’s element as fast as you arrive?

An immigration process always brings a ton of feelings and emotions: fear, loneliness, excitement, anxiety, etc.

Canada workplace is an amazing opportunity for foreign workers but one question is the most important:
will they be welcomed and feel like home fast enough to plan their future here with us?

This question is at the core of ERABLEE mission.
Contact us for more details.

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I offer a unique onboarding experience to foreign workers in Canada

I have founded Erablee because I care about my people. I also care about my country. Living in Canada is amazing, and as a former immigrant, I want to share all my expertise about Culture, Talent and opportunities. 

Canada welcome thousands of new immigrants every single day.
These people are coming with hope and motivation. I am the one to go person who understand each side of concerns and who created a unique strategy to onboard them and make them feel like at home from now!

– Virginie, Founder of Erablee

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