Meet Virginie, Founder of Erablee

Virginie Caparros Founder Erablee

Virginie Caparros founded Erablee in 2022 following her own experience as an immigrant and expert in employee experience

Immigrant Quebec Pro has written a wonderful summary of our Founder Virginie’s journey here. (article in French)

Virginie arrived from France in 2012 thinking of staying in Montreal for only one year. “The first six months, I was very anxious, I kept thinking about my family and my friends who were far away. But one day, I decided to be more positive and take full advantage of my expatriation. to the max!” She never left.

There are many job opportunities, so she added to her resume some administration, legal matters, but also marketing and human resources. She also increased her professional network by getting closer to colleagues passionate about their profession, who later became mentors. “I come from a working class background and given my upbringing I never thought I would go ‘further’ in my life my limited beliefs. Entrepreneurship became obvious after a while. By dint of rubbing shoulders with and helping so many immigrants freshly arrived in Montreal for all these years, I decided to make it my job.”

Today, Virginie offers her expertise in Canadian immigration and Employee Experience to contribute to the building in the midst of a labor shortage crisis. Indeed, Erablee offers a service to both immigrants who wish to be supported in their arrival and their installation, and to companies that recruit internationally and who lack the resources to better integrate their new recruits.

Through her local and cultural curiosity, Virginie is the reference for finding the best deals in terms of accommodation, tourist activities, restaurants, but also she will be able to put you in touch with the best local partners so that you can experience the best experience. Immigration is a stressful process and her caring approach will make it exciting and memorable!

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