Why should I move to Canada?

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What is life in Canada? The immigration step is never easy, even if you really need to do it, just to improve your life. You will find some insights below to help you to make a decision to move on…or not! (And yes as you can see I chose my side of the question ^^)

Why should I move to Canada?

So you’ve taken the leap of faith and made the decision that you’d like to move or immigrate to another country. Now the toughest part is… figuring out where to go! Canada is a hot spot for those looking to build their futures and experience overall higher life satisfaction. Below I’ll cover the top reasons why people choose Canada as their destination of choice when making the big move!

Easy Process

Undeniably, the paperwork and bureaucracy that accompany the decision to move to another country can be both dreadful and draining. Because of that, Canada’s relatively simpler immigration process attracts flocks of newcomers each year. Rather than worrying and whether your application will be accepted or not (which is a reasonable concern!) you can focus your energy on preparing your home, finding a new job, and securing the top schools for your kids. Be sure to always verify all the right information on the Government website here.


Due to Canada’s large size, you can choose the province you’d like to relocate to based on your ideal lifestyle. Feel at peace being surrounded by majestic mountains and acres of wildlife? Then Alberta might be for you. Love the hustle and bustle of a big city and the plethora of opportunities? Toronto it is. Want a balance of nature, the city, and diversity? Vancouver is calling your name! How about living and working in more French environment? Then Quebec would be the right choice. Visit Montreal and learn french.

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Regardless of the province you move to, you can rest assured that there will be nature in some capacity. If you place high value and priority around having access to lakes, mountains, hikes, and gorgeous sunsets, moving to British Columbia may be compatible with your ideal lifestyle, although at the cost of higher living expenses. If you don’t care too much for nature and value more options in terms of careers, you may look at moving to a city like Montreal, where you’ll get just the right balance, even more with all the festivals and partys. You can take a look here to plan a visit to one or more majestic national park of Quebec !

Entrepreneurial Haven

Have a business idea you’ve always dreamed of executing? Perhaps you’d like to open a local restaurant, or an e-commerce brand and are looking for business partners? Canada is a country that fosters the entrepreneurial spirit, particularly in the major metropolitan cities, so you can rest assured that you’ll be encouraged to pursue your dreams and find like-minded partners to build your future with.

Family Oriented

If family comes first to you, then Canada is the right place for you. Whether you’re looking for the best public or private schools, gorgeous neighborhoods with spacious backyards for your kids, or a movie-like neighborhood with friendly neighbors and a community park, then you may want to immigrate to Canada! Get some resources here.


If you’ve been approved to move to Canada, you have the luxury of picking from a variety of climates and hopefully the opportunity to live in a province with your dream weather! Love the snow? Ottawa, Alberta, and Quebec are for you! Prefer warmer weather and don’t mind the rain as much? Then Vancouver it is! Follow the weather by regions here.


Canada’s economy is growing at a steady rate which means that the labor force is also making room for newcomers. This means that there are more job opportunities available in our relatively stable economy which provides you with a wide range of choices based on your skillset.

Diversity and Inclusion

Last but not least, one of the Canada’s most celebrated and recognized attributes: diversity and inclusion. Canada is a truly multicultural country that acknowledges, celebrates, and welcomes cultures from all around the globe, making it an excellent place to settle down in the long term. By living in a diverse and multicultural country, you’ll have a rich and eye-opening experience, to say the least. From taking a trip to the grocery store and having dozens of cultural offerings, to being neighbors and sitting in a classroom with citizens from all corners of the world, Canada offers a diverse and inclusive culture incomparable to that of any other country! Learn more here.

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