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Are you CURRENTLY hiring internationally?
Are you one of these companies that care about its EMPLOYER BRAND?
Are you looking for an onboarding service specific to your foreign workers?

If you are planning to welcome soon an immigrant and qualified worker, or a relocated worker from another province, we can help you with your relocation experience and bring the onboarding process to another level :

  • Training and guide process

  • International recruitment support

  • Preparation for arrival, installation and professional integration

  • Airport pickup / transportation

  • Temporary rental / house purchase / Airbnb experience

  • Administrative paperwork support (bank account, driver’s license, health, social insurance number, etc…)

  • Tourism and leisure activities

  • Internal workshop in your company regarding diversity and inclusion

  • Business onboarding experience like meeting organization with Manager, Happy Hour with the team, etc.

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WHY would you use our services?

We offer a simple and efficient service package.

  • It’s difficult to find and to keep a good employee: we are living in a labor shortage time and Canadian companies are already competitive in the International recruitment market.
  • You need an expert NOW to support your Human Resources Department in the onboarding and relocation process.

Talent retention (% of employees)
Resignation in the first 12 months
Financial loss when an employee quit the first year (% of salary)
Up to 200%

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