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Erablee offers a welcome and integration service mainly for people who arrive to Canada in the next few months WITH A WORK PERMIT, SPECIAL VISITOR OR STUDY :

– Work-Holiday (IEC)
– Young Professionals
– Students
– Permanent Residents
– Employer-specific work permit
– Entrepreneurs
– Investors


Coaching online 1 – 1

90 minutes


  • Analysis of your profile
  • Training and recommendations
  • Your personalized immigration project

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Coaching "Job search"

3 hours of support


  • Resume correction and guidance
  • Interview coaching
  • Matchmaking with local expert Recruiters

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So, would you like to establish your first connection with Canada through the Erablee system?

We offer you different ways to connect :


Integration WITHOUT Erablee

a hundred hours on average (before and after arrival)


  • Accomodation search, deposit, internet installation, electricity – 2,000$
  • Commute and taxi (first days) – 120$
  • Winter clothes – 600$
  • Mailbox rental (first months) – 200$
  • Money change
  • Bank account opening
  • Furnitures and appliances first month – 6,000$
  • Find a school for kids
  • Airport pickup – 50$
  • Grocery – 450$
  • Administrative services
  • Legal advices – 500$
  • Emergency medical appointment – 900$
  • Cell subscription – 90$
  • Car purchase – up to 20,000$ of loss because of fraud (happens all the time)
  • Tourist activities – 500$
  • Local job search


Integration WITH Erablee – Onboarding Package

a twenty hours on average of support (before and after arrival) up to 6 persons


  • Accomodation the first 30 days (include rent, transportation and grocery)- 3,500$
  • Commute and taxi (first days) – include
  • Winter clothes – 250$
  • Mailbox rental (first months) – include
  • Money change – guide to best store
  • Bank account opening – partner no fees
  • Furnitures and appliances first month – 0$
  • Find a school for kids – included
  • Airport pickup – include
  • Grocery – include
  • Administrative services – include
  • Legal advices – include
  • Emergency medical appointment – guide
  • Cell subscription – 45$
  • Car purchase – guide
  • Tourist activities – include
  • Local job search – guide

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Changing your life is not an easy task. And it’s a lot of emotions…There are a lot of “what if?” which haunt us and which arouse in us a lot of fear of the unknown, of insecurity and it seems from the start a project which seems insurmountable.

I, Virginie, Founder of Erablee, have been there. I experienced a lot of trial and error but today I am proud to be able to reassure you by telling you that you can count on someone you trust – ME! – who was an immigrant in the past and who knows exactly what a newcomer needs from the start of this project, that is to say real, with concrete support and without lies about the reality. 

Can you do it by yourself? Sure! But in addition with a lot of anxiety, stress, loss of time and a LOT of money (bad advisors, taxi, taxi again, hotel, etc), you will need to deal with all your savings that are flying away because you absolutely don’t know where to pay cheaper and smarter 🙁

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You want to send your resume to the best Canadian companies? ERABLEE is connected to hundreds of companies which are looking for candidates like YOU. We give you here the opportunity to sell your profile, so take this chance to give EVERYTHING!

Send a Message to your resume and cover letter to justify all your motivations. 

We will work together to make your DREAM COME TRUE!

Send a 3 minutes video to add a value to your application, it is the best way to accelerate your project 😉

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Send us all the details regarding your immigration project and we will come back to you very soon

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témoignage expérience

“Sans Virginie, je ne connaîtrais jamais certains faits et endroits intéressants à Montréal. C’était vraiment le fun ! Elle a été très patiente pour répondre à toutes mes questions. Je la recommande vraiment non


de California City, États-Unis

“ I recommend living this unique experience as soon as you arrive in Montreal. This will allow you to better locate yourself in the city and to be able to enjoy the best places


from Bayonne, France

“Je vous recommande de vivre cette expérience unique dès votre arrivée à Montréal. Cela vous permettra de mieux vous situer dans la ville et de pouvoir profiter des meilleurs endroits lors de votre séjour.


from Bayonne, France

“ Virginie was an excellent host, she went above and beyond to ensure we had a comfortable stay. ”


Construction worker

“ Virginie était une excellente hôtesse, elle s’est surpassée pour s’assurer que nous passions un séjour confortable. ”


Construction worker